Real Estate Resume Tips

You should have a professional résumé when you interview with a brokerage firm.  A résumé will also be a good tool to have in your listing and buyer brokerage presentation materials.  This document should highlight your experience, expertise, and unique qualifications to serve the needs of your clients and customers.

Creative marketing is valued in real estate.  Your résumé should not be cookie-cutter and should not be bland.  Unlike other professions, in real estate, your résumé can showcase your unique abilities to bring buyers and sellers together in successful transactions. 

A real estate résumé should highlight relevant skills and qualifications, which might include:

  • Educational qualifications
  • Real estate designations
  • Awards & recognitioins
  • Negotiation skills & successes
  • Sales training & success
  • Marketing skills & successes
  • Positions of trust & confidence
  • Analytical skills
  • Language skills

Your real estate résumé should be part of your personal branding and should convey your approach to the real estate business.  Résumé styles can range from moden minimal to formal traditional.

When writing your résumé, do not take liberties or exaggerate your qualifications. 

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